20 February 2011

Do you know who the best marketer of all time is?

This question is one of marketing pop culture books' favorite!
The answers vary through time to time:
Santa Claus
even Steve Jobs (Apple)
are some nominees for this prestigious title.

From a conversation I had this Friday with my University of Piraeus's colleagues,
I think my friends we may have the Winner of the Title!

So, according to my Professors Malliaris and Kouremenos:

Paul the Apostle, also called Saint Paul is the best marketer of all time!

Here is his marketing mix - the world known 4P’s:

  • Product - Christianity 
  • Price - free (giving great value for money: heaven earned)
  • Place - global distribution through his missionary journeys
  • Promotion: Bible and Pauline Epistles
I think I will give him the Title, do you agree?

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