10 July 2010

28 best Travelblogs for Social Networking, Trip planning & Email-Phone Use

Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or family
in Europe, in America, or in Asia
for one day or three months

you will find this information very usefull for planning your trip and have help on the place!

Social Networking: Share ideas, read reviews, and meet up with other travelers by logging into these social and travel networking sites.

1.Realtravel.com: Realtravel.com hosts a huge collection of travel blogs for any place in the whole world. Plan cruises, family vacations or a romantic honeymoon using the tools on this site while reading other travelers’ reviews and tips.

2.Travelblog.org: Travelblog.org allows you to post an online diary of your vacation and send to friends. In addition to posting basic information about different countries, travelblog.org also features a beautiful photo gallery.

3.Facebook: Facebook is an online community that lets you design a profile, join groups, and meet friends. Plan a trip with your friends by organizing through Facebook, or ask other users about their vacation experiences.

4.MySpace: MySpace is another social networking site on the Web. Post your travel questions on your MySpace page and wait for others to give you great advice.

5.VirtualTourist.com: This site, in addition to being a great travel resource, puts you in touch with members so that you can ask questions, view photos, and find the best deals around the globe.

6.CouchSurfing: This site is driven by travelers who wish to share their experiences or find out more information abou their upcoming vacation. Find a travel buddy or arrange to meet up with another member if you’re visiting the same place at the same time.

7.Bootsnall.com: The staff at Bootsnall.com maintains a forum for users to post travel experiences, review hostels, flights, and more. Recognized as one of the best travel sites in the world!

8.Where Are You Now? Join this community for free. Create a profile with photos, links, and posts to update your friends and family on how much fun you’re having during your travels.

9.Gusto: Gusto allows you to “collect travel information, organize it into categories, and plan your vacation…without the headaches.” This easy-to-use travel site is also great for finding or writing recommendations about anything and everything you can experience on vacation.

Trip Planners: Why pay someone else when these vacation planning tools and resources are free? Free is good, right?!!! Check’em out NOW!

1.SoGoNow.com:Search by destination or look through the “best of” section to get ideas on vacations all over the world. Day trips, weekend getaways, and other suggestions are all over this great site.

2.LonelyPlanet blog: The blog found on the Lonely Planet Web site is great for vacation planning. Search the many travel stories that others have posted. You can copy any vacation that sounds exciting to you too.

3.London Toolkit: This Web site has everything you need to plan a trip to London.

4.BargainTravelCruises.com: Find budget travel information for booking a group travel package on cruises all over the world.

5.Roadtrip America: This site is the prime resource for planning a multitude of different roadtrips all over America.

6.GoEurope.about.com: This table of contents lists several must-read articles about planning a trip to Europe including “Student Travel Planning” and “Suggested Itineraries.”

7.The Consumer Vacation Guide: This guide finds cheap travel packages and other all-inclusive deals so you don’t have to worry about planning a thing.

8.“Planning Tools and Strategies for Budget Travel:” This article includes lots of great tips for planning the perfect budget vacation.

9.Rand McNally TripMaker Planning Tool: This feature on the Rand McNally Web site allows you to custom design your vacation online. It helps you stay organized while experimenting with different destinations, schedules, and more.

Phone and E-mail Use: If you’re going to be away from the country for even a few days, you’re going to want to get to a computer to assure friends and family you’ve arrived safely; to check on the status of flights and trains; and to check on your bank account. Cell phone use may not seem as important to you, but if you’re going to live on another continent for a semester abroad or to work, you’ll want the best deals on staying connected locally, as well as globally.

1.The Cybercafe Search Engine: Before you leave, map out the best internet cafes that will be near your hostel. That way you won’t have to waste time hunting one down once you’re there.

2.Cybercafes.com: This is another database of cybercafes all over the world.

3.Netcafeguide.com This directory of internet cafes enlists the help of other travelers to review, add, and edit postings.

4.U.S. Cyber Cafes: Most of us forget that cybercafes exist in the United States, too. Since we’re usually plugged in to our own computers, finding one while on a cross-country road trip could pose a problem. Use this databank to find one quickly.

5.Cellular Abroad: This online company allows you to rent or purchase cell phones and SIM cards that will work all over the world.

6.“Guidelines for Using a Cell Phone Abroad:” Read this article about how to use a cell phone when traveling outside the country…before you even leave.

7.Telestial.com: Telestial.com is a great site for helping travelers find the right cell phones and calling cards for unbeatable prices.

8.“Staying Connected While Abroad:” This article provides good tips on using cell phones and managing temporary wireless connections when traveling.

9.International Cellular Services: Research the cost and necessity of renting a cell phone in countries around the world. Find great deals and order before you go.

10.Rick Steves’ Cyber Cafes forum: This forum reviews cybercafes in Europe, letting you know which ones are a good deal and which ones to avoid altogether.

(part of the article of John Van Kirk, the "Travel Answer Man")

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