24 May 2009

Marketin.Me first

I was born and raised in the historic village of Olympia (the birthplace of Olympic Games) where I first came in touch with my today’s field of study, Tourism!

Afterwards, I moved to Athens –at my sweet Exarhia- where I discovered the big unknown….Marketing! Being inspired by Prof. Avlonitis and his colleagues, I began to love Marketing science (or Art instead?). So, I decided to combine both, Marketing and Tourism.
Under these circumstances, I had to go seaside, at the University of Piraeus, which is my academic home ever since. For the time being, I am finishing my PhD dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Kouremenos, an inspiring and pioneer researcher in both fields of study.

During all this time, I have worked mainly as a lecturer in academic institutions but also in diverse positions, among others as a marketing assistant at a world leader B2B enterprise, a volunteer at a river eco festival, and a sales promotion girl to fund my stay in Birmingham during Erasmus period. Finally, I used to be self unemployed for a year just to start writing down my thoughts in a piece of paper.

Recently I founded along with my friend and colleague Maria, CVexperts Co. (www.cvexperts.gr), a career consulting company that aspires to help individuals in their professional life. My idea for launching CVexperts in the Greek market was to meet an unmet need and fill in the gap: the lack of personal career consulting for the people who constitute the backbone of every business. Every client has a unique profile and therefore a unique resume and career plan and strategy.

For the future, I have too many ideas. But I am not in a success hurry. For me, time is my money, so I measure success in terms of happiness. I always have time for a coffee in a manic Monday morning at Monastiraki with my sister, a raki with my friends at Thisseio, my pilates lessons, and my passion to travel and live with indigenes, like Chiapas in San Cristobal, Mexico.

Concluding, what pieces together everything I have done or do is my passion to learn. I always introduce myself as a “lifetime student”. That’s what I really am.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." -- Alvin Toffler (futurist, writer).

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